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Reducing accidents saves you money and increases revenue. The NSADSA can help you in making your dealership safety certified because a safe shop is a profitable shop!
Safe Dealer Certification and Your Dealership
Practical Hands-on Dealership Training
Dealership Safety Compliance Program
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Training sessions offered twice a year and valued at over $575 a person per session. (Members cost $75 +HST)

Safe Dealer Certification and Your Dealership

One of your dealership’s primary goals is profitability. Human resources represent one of your
dealership’s most important assets, and one of its most significant costs. The business case for a health and safety program is clear. It will lower the incidence of lost time due to injury and illness and reduce the personal and financial cost of workplace injuries for both workers and employers.

The Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Association’s purpose is to support the continuous improvement of safe work practices in Nova Scotia’s new car automobile dealerships.
For dealership that have established a basic safety program with the ongoing involvement of employees and management, the next level is to consider safety certification. Safety certification is awarded by the Workers’ Compensation Board to those companies that qualify based on an annual safety certification audit. Your safety association has developed a safety certification program tailored to the needs of new car dealerships, and will provide significant financial
support to your dealership to implement the program.

Costs Covered by NSADSA re: Safe Dealer Certification Program – (approx. two years to complete program)
  • Program binders for each participating dealership ($250.00/binder)
  • Safety Board for each participating dealership ($250.00/board)
  • Introductory training courses and any associated training binders/materials required for the session ($1200.00 in person sessions ~)
  • Tool box talk binder(s) for committee ($25.00/binder)
  • Initial committee training for members and any associated training materials for the session ($1200.00~)
  • Training for new committee members if required ($1200.00/in house session ~)
  • Inspection(s) if required and audit(s) while involved with the pilot program ($980.00)
  • Reports from OHES regarding progress of dealership(s) progress
  • Setup costs of approximately $3,500.00 for dealership HR Management Systems (Dealer Pilot)
  • Five visits covered by program provider (OHES) to track and support program progress ($500/visit)
Costs not covered
  • Various online training courses offered by OHES
  • Costs associated when an update is issued for binders
Safety Officer Service – (Optional)
  • Service provided by Palmer Risk Management Solutions
  • Twelve visit plan
  • One – Two visits/month, half or full day visits ($300.00/$600.00/visit + Costs)
Questions and Answers
Q: 1. What is Safe Dealer Certification (WCB Safety Certification)?

Safety Certified accreditation is issued to companies who have passed an audit of their health and safety management system. The audits are conducted by audit providers approved by the WCB Safety Certified audits. OHES conducts the training and audits for the Safe Dealer Certification Program.
A Safety Certified audit measures the effectiveness of a company’s health and safety management system across 22 elements:

1. Policy
2. Compliance Assurance
3. Detailed Responsibilities
4. Management Communications & Commitment
5. Training – Management
6. Training – On-the-Job
7. Training – Orientation
8. Worker Participation
9. Incident Reporting & Investigation
10. Inspections
11. Hazard Assessments
12. Work Refusal Process
13. Safe Work Practices & Procedures
14. Emergency Preparedness
15. Employer Rules
16. Contractor Health and Safety
17. Data Analysis/Objectives/Standards
18. Operation Health & Safety Meetings
19. Maintenance Policy & Program
20. Management Performance Standards
21. Permits & Special Procedures
Q: 2. Who is OHES and what role does the company have with Safe Dealer Certification?

OHES (Occupational Health and Educational Services Inc.) is a privately held company selected by an NSADSA RFP process, to deliver the Safe Dealer Certification Program to Safety Association member dealers. OHES is one of eight companies and organizations in Nova Scotia recognized as an approved safety certification audit provider

Q: 3. If my dealership is Safety Certified, will it receive a rebate or reduction in WCB assessment premiums?

The WCB is currently piloting a Practice Incentive Rebate Program in the trucking and construction
industries, which will provide rebates for those that meet eligibility criteria – one of which is being WCB Safety Certified.
The program will be piloted in the trucking and construction industries for a minimum of two years, with the intent of a broader rollout in the future.
New car dealerships that have already achieved Safe Dealer Certification will be ahead.

Q: 4. How long does my Safety Certification designation last?

Once your dealership has successfully completed the certification audit, the designation is good for one year. Safety audits are done annually.

Q. 5. What type of questions will my employees be asked during the course of a safety audit?


  1. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of the organization’s occupational
    health and safety program?
  2. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of their responsibilities under
    occupational health and safety law?
  3. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of their responsibilities as per the
    Internal Responsibility System?
  4. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of their responsibilities as per company policies and rules?
  5. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of their responsibilities under the law
    as per their work area? (Examples: OH&S Act, Fall Arrest, WHMIS, & etc.)
  6. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of the organization’s safe work
    practices and how they are developed?
  7. Are employees, other than managers and supervisors, aware of the importance of hazard
    identification and control in their workplace?
Q. 6. What is the most important factor in becoming Safety Certified?

Commitment of dealership owner(s) and management.
Dealership owner(s) needs to ensure that management has the support and financial resources to maintain
a robust safety program.
Senior management is involved in regular occupational health and safety reviews that include incident
statistics analysis, injury frequency, injury costs and injury reduction plans.
Senior management communication must demonstrate the support of management of the organization’s
health and safety system.

Practical Hands-on Dealership Training

• Various online training courses offered by OHES
• Costs associated when an update is issued for binders


Creating and maintaining a safe working environment makes good business sense and will
minimise your down time and possible litigation following incidents – How do you achieve this
quickly in a cost effective way? Get engaged with the experienced services of a qualified Health
and Safety Consultant. This has proven to be the ideal and most cost effective solution for many
businesses like yours.

Classroom Theory TrainingDealership Specific Hands -on Training
9:00 – 9:45am
Inspection (45 minutes)
Requires your Service Manager and One committee member.
Hazard Recognition (30 minutes)
Requires your fixed operations staff
Setting up the Inspection Program
• Delegating responsibilities
• Conducting/training on how to conduct and use each form.
Specific assessment of current task and controls
• this would beneficial for existing and new equipment
being brought into the dealership
Toolbox Meeting (15 minutes)
Requires you Safety committee
Setup toolbox schedule, and topics of discussion
Health and Safety Meeting

Requires your safety committee
Investigation (review past reports)
Guide the committee in the following:
• Prepare agenda
• Conduct Health & Safety Meeting
• Develop proper minutes and action items
• Post meeting minutes and file documentation

“Training your staff is one of the best investments you can make in your business and now with this
special offer for only $300 it has never been more affordable”

Please note: The value of this program is over $600. This promotional price of $300 is being offered through the NSADSA. The NSADSA will be covering the rest of the cost along with the instructors traveling fees. Decisions based on lunch will be up to the dealership, lunch is not included.

This program will be delivered by Mike Doucette who is a Health and Safety Consultant with Occupational Health & Educational Services Inc. (OHES). Mike has extensive experience in both auto dealership environments and delivering this onsite and extremely effective training. OHES follows the 22 Element Criteria for Safety Certified Audits for the Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.

Mike has prepared over 100 WCB’s 22 Element Safety Certified Audits and training programs resulting in the dealerships involved consistently scoring 99-100% each year. Those companies that take his in-house training and follow his plan, can be ready to become Safety Certified within just a few months rather than the years it often takes others.

NSADSA Dealership Safety Compliance Review Program

  • Audits range in duration from 1-2 days
  • Audits cost approximately $1000-$2500 +HST
  • Written report and follow up available upon completion of the service
  • Would not replace an inspection from the DOL
  • The NSADSA funds 50% of the total cost (Service +Admin costs) of an inspection for those companies
  • wishing to have an inspection of its dealership. (Please send a copy of the paid invoice to NSADSA for 50% reimbursement.)
  • Inspections performed by contracted companies