Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist from the Occupational Health and Safety division

Job Analysis Sample and Template

Job Analysis is a structured approach to identifying each step of a job function, or specific task. It helps identify and pinpoint particular hazards, and develop a means of eliminating or controlling the hazard to prevent injury.  This document provides a brief overview of Job Analysis, provides a sample, and a template.

Inspection Information Requirement Checklist

The main ingredient in any inspection program is knowing exactly what information, paperwork, and resources you’ll need to conduct the inspection. Use this checklist to ensure your inspection information requirements are covered.

Inspection Record Template

This template provides a structure for conducting inspections and ensuring that appropriate follow-up takes place.

JOHSC Agenda Template

JOHSC Minutes Template

Occupational Health & Safety Policy – Abbreviated

This editable Word template provides an example of an abbreviated OH&S Policy, which may be appropriate for smaller dealerships.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy Template

This template provides an editable MS Word version of an Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

Effective JOHS Committee Meetings – Checklist

This checklist for ensuring effective Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meetings was provided to NSADSA by Tommy Harper, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Fishing Safety Association, at the Introductory Curriculum launch on April 9, 2010.